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Services: Application support and project maintenance
Support and maintenance
Development of the Internet project is an important but not the only component of successful business of the company in the Internet. After development it is necessary to support application and maintenance the project.

Application support and project maintenance is a set of the actions directed on supply of serviceability and providing with actual information in the Internet.

To entrust this problem to experts is a right decision. 2x3 provides cost-effective solutions in application support and project maintenance.

Using our services will help you to free your business from unnecessary expenses associated with maintaining in-house support staff and will give you more time to focus on your core business activities. 2x3 delivers a full range of support services depending on your business requirements as well as a variety of project maintenance plans.

Application support and project maintenance can include:

  • Modification of existing site structure
  • Creation of new pages
  • Creation and connection of interactive services and application
  • Updating the information
  • The control of serviceability of a technological platform (hosting)

Experts of our company are ready to carry out complete application support and project maintenance for your business.

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Company Services Solutions Contacts