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Services: Web programming, web site development
Web programming
Modern web site is not just a collection of several HTML pages. Today functional resource having no problem with visitors has already become a sound attachment and you will need Internet for using it. The development of computer languages and technologies allows creating projects of any level of complexity. This can be both dynamic web-site with database support and integrated payment systems and complex dispersed system, which uses XML as universal means of data exchange between different software environments.

The basic technologies and computer languages applied by our specialists for projects development:

  • Server-side languages: PHP, Perl, OOP Design and programming
  • Databases: MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreeSql, Oracle
  • Database interfaces: PEAR, ADODB
  • Client-side languages: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
  • Templates engines: SMARTY
  • XML, XSLT stylesheets
  • Web services: XML, SOAP, WSDL
  • Server operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows-family

We give preference to PHP language. This computer language is rather popular and it is widely used in the development of web projects. It has recently become even more popular. The language is perfectly documented and it is actively supported by web-designers - that's why we've chosen it. We are specialists and we can definitely say that there exists no problem which is impossible to solve with the help of PHP. That's why there is no point in using expensive technologies (such as Java, Microsoft Net etc.) in the development and support of small and medium projects. If you still have any doubts, learn more about PHP.

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Company Services Solutions Contacts