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Content Management System ( CMS )
Not only information but also its urgency is of great importance nowadays. Thus, it is necessary that everyone who visits your website could get the latest information. The support of the web sites by different firms has its pros (the higher quality of the service, professionalism) and cons (extra outlay on support, the necessity to set the task and, as a result, certain time delays). That's why 2x3 offers the clients concerned to integrate the Content management system (CMS) into your web sites.

Using content management system in your project you'll be able to control information on your web site by yourself without any specific knowledge. This system doesn't need any specialized software. All you need for full control over your web site is the access to Internet and modern browser. Hence, you will be able to inform all your clients about new products, services and to give them any information at any time from any place.

The content management system can't be purchased separately. It is integrated into every project for maximum satisfaction of your needs in content management of your website. According to the necessity, the content management system allows to delimit the levels of access to the content's editing.

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